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Aeromexico Airlines Flight strives to keep customers happy while making reservations for their upcoming trip. That’s why we put much emphasis on securing the personal information that our customers share with us. This page of privacy policy explains how we use, collect, and share your data. Read this policy carefully to know how we ensure safety for our customers during the reservation process.

Why Privacy Policy Matters?

When you use a website that has cookies, you give access to your personal information. That’s why you should read the privacy policy carefully to know how we use, collect and share your data directly and indirectly.

How We Collect Your Data

We collect data in two ways- direct and indirect methods. In a direct method, you provide information such as your name, last name, phone number, age, gender, email address, and postal address. On the contrary, we collect data indirectly through the cookies we use on our website. This information includes your operating system details, your location, IP address, the time you spend on our website.

What We Do With Your Data

We use your data to provide you the best services you have requested for. We do not share your personal details without your permission. Your data is used only for the purpose of accomplishing the service request you are looking for.

How Do We Protect Your Data

We strive to keep our customers’ personal information safe and that’s why we do not share your information with anyone. We collect your information with the sole purpose of providing you the better customer service. Therefore, we do not share your information with any third party whatever the situation may be.
Aeromexico Airlines Flight understands its responsibility. That’s why this website is created to make your flight booking easier. If you have any doubt or query related to this agreement of privacy policy, feel free to contact us right away.

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